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Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain

The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain is the largest and the oldest of the 6 Kennel Club affiliated Bernese Mountain Dog Clubs in Britain. The Club is a member of the Bernese Breed Council, an affiliation of British Bernese Clubs, and as such is able to be involved in all general British Bernese developments and also the Bernese International Working Group (BIWG) a kind of International Bernese Health committee. Membership of the club is open to anyone interested in Bernese, (you don't even need to have a dog). The club has always been keen to be a friendly club to all its members, not just "show people", and the committee are always open to any constructive ideas from the members.

Bernese Mountain Dogs were originally used by the weavers of Bern as a draught dog, and also employed in herding sheep and cattle to and from the mountain pastures. Modern Bernese Mountain Dogs are still occasionally harnessed to a light cart, which they enjoy pulling. All Bernese carry the traditional Swiss colouring of black and tan with white markings. The breed name is taken from the canton of Bern where they can be found on the streets but especially in the rural areas.